Best‌ ‌Offshore‌ ‌Gambling‌ ‌Sites‌‌ ‌2023Is Offshore Gambling Authorized?

When it comes to locating the best online wagering operators, nothing in the United States causes as much confusion as the legality of offshore online gambling sites. Simply put, is it secure to wager on even the most reputable offshore gambling websites?

At Captain Gambling, we always prioritize your safety and only recommend the finest online gambling sites for US players. So that you have a clear understanding of which betting sites are available to you, we deemed it essential to dispel any confusion encircling offshore internet gambling. Continue reading to learn more about offshore wagering.

What do offshore wagering sites entail?


Regardless of the legality of offshore gambling, the definition of offshore online gambling remains the same. And it’s almost exactly as it sounds: an offshore wagering site is one that is not regulated by United States law enforcement. In other words, location is irrelevant, although they would almost certainly be located outside the United States. Rather, it relates to the licensing of wagering sites in the United States.


Notably, this is true regardless of whether we are discussing offshore casinos or offshore wagering in general. As far as the logistics of what constitutes offshore betting, your best offshore gambling sites could potentially be a sports betting sites casino betting operator, bingo site, or some sort of jack-of-all-trades offering.


Because the definition of an offshore operator depends on how licensing functions in the United States, we deemed it essential to provide a concise overview of the law in the country. Then, we’ll discuss the law governing the best offshore gambling sites — if any operator could be considered anything other than a complete avoidance recommendation.

A concise overview of United States gambling regulations


Simply put, in the United States, each state determines its own laws regarding online gambling and wagering in general. Because of this, the finest online gambling sites in one region of the country may be entirely different from those in another, and in many areas, it is completely illegal.


Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are among the states that allow legalized gambling. The New Jersey Division of Gambling is an example of an appropriate licensing body. Keep in mind, however, that each state has a distinct governing body responsible for wagering within its borders.


Indeed, the answer to the query “Is offshore gambling illegal?” and whether we can recommend any of the best offshore gambling sites hinges on the acceptance of outside regulation by these types of governing bodies. Despite these legal complexities, the definition of an offshore wagering operator remains unchanged.


The nature of offshore online wagering sites is not determined by their location, although your assumptions about their overseas location are likely accurate. They are instead governed by their location outside the purview of these traditional licensing and governmental entities. However, a completely unregulated site in the United States is more likely to be referred to as an illegal operator than as an offshore wagering site.


Are offshore wagering websites authorized?

Obviously, none of this context actually addresses whether or not even the finest offshore gambling sites are legal. Or is wagering offshore illegal?


Well, as you may have surmised after hearing about the restrictive gambling laws in the United States, it is illegal. At the time of this writing, they are not permitted under any circumstances. It does not vary from state to state. There are no exceptions for any offshore gambling website.


Some nations do allow licenses from other nations, typically so long as they pass some sort of scrutiny or legal framework. However, this is not true of the United States. A site must be licensed by an authority of an American state in order to be lawful. Thus, by definition, all offshore examples are unlawful.

Facts to know about offshore casinos


Here is a summary of the two most important lessons to keep in mind regarding the illegality of offshore gambling sites, to tie together our current discussion with what we were discussing previously.


First, an offshore wagering site is any website that is not regulated by a governing body. State-specific governing bodies exist. However, for a website to be considered offshore, it must be inaccessible in the United States. Therefore, a site that is accessible in Pennsylvania but not in New Jersey would be considered a state-restricted site rather than an offshore wagering site.


Confusingly, the location has little to do with offshore wagering. It’s more that being located outside of the United States is a common characteristic among the top offshore betting sites. If a site is not regulated by any American gambling authority in any state, it is considered an offshore betting site and is not lawful in the United States in any capacity. The legality of something, such as the Betway casino in the United States, depends wholly on their licensing and whether they are covered by any relevant and credible authority.


Now that we’ve hopefully clarified the legality of even the finest offshore gambling sites, we’d like to do the same for our stance on them. In actuality, we would not consider any offshore online gambling site to be among your finest options. While we assume, logically, that some would have worse practices than others – and that, in principle, would make some better than others – we do not wish to give the impression that we believe any are worthy of your consideration.


Ultimately, if a website is illegal, which is unquestionably the case with offshore examples from the United States, then it cannot be considered secure to use. Regardless of whether they are regarded as the finest offshore gambling sites, we will never endorse an illegal or unsafe betting website.


Five reasons to stay away from offshore wagering websites

Is offshore wagering prohibited? Yes. Do we ever endorse offshore wagering websites? No. As we’ve seen when discussing the legal situation in the United States, the reasoning behind these answers is frequently more complex than you would probably expect. This also applies to the last point. It is not as simple as stating that none of those considered to be the finest offshore betting sites are worthy of endorsement.


To make our reasoning crystal clear, we’ve decided to outline five key reasons why offshore internet wagering is, in our opinion, a waste of time.


Even the most reputable offshore wagering sites are illegal and dangerous.

The phrase ‘best offshore wagering sites’ may be somewhat misleading. “Best” would imply recommended, and to many people, recommended would reasonably imply legal and legitimate. Furthermore, this is never the situation. Any list of the best offshore gambling sites — assuming they are genuinely offshore — indicates that they are illegal and dangerous. Even Pinnacle offshore sports wagering must be approached with caution.


Using these websites could have a variety of repercussions. For instance, your information, including sensitive financial data, may be at risk. Moreover, you have no legal support. Therefore, if the website were to refuse your withdrawal, you would have very limited legal recourse. In addition, your personal information may be sold, as an unlawful betting site is not bound by any regulations regarding your sensitive information or privacy.


Even at the finest offshore betting sites, you are operating illegally, which carries with it significant risks.


There are numerous excellent wagering sites accessible to Americans.

You do not have to avoid international markets.

Things are only improving.

We are here to serve as a counselor.

The top substitutes for offshore casino sites

Obviously, it is much simpler to imagine the plethora of incredible betting sites that exist when you have a few examples to guide you. We’ve chosen a trio of scrumptious betting options for you to sample so you can get an idea of the vast variety and quality of options available to you. Note that these are not in any particular order.



Borgata, one of the first and finest online sportsbooks to open its virtual doors to New Jersey residents, continues to be among the absolute best. It was an instantaneous success, boasting an unrivaled selection of sports markets and a concentration on the customer experience. This includes excellent promotions, an incredibly user-friendly interface – whether on desktop or mobile – and world-class customer service. The emphasis on American athletics makes this an ideal selection for those whose sporting interests are domestic.

Hill, William


If Borgata is not international enough for you, William Hill will make up the difference. William Hill, a global behemoth, has spent the last several years as not only an option for American players seeking European action, but arguably the best option for those with cross-continental sporting preferences. They are an additional reason to disregard the finest offshore gambling sites.



This is the finest illustration of what we meant when we said that there are options superior to the best offshore gambling websites. First of all, there is little doubt that this operator is legitimate in the United States, as it is well-known for the magnificent MGM Grand in Las Vegas. What’s truly remarkable, however, is that they bring this prestige to the screen with a phenomenal wagering experience that even translates to mobile. They are a quintessential American work. Who requires the top offshore wagering websites?

There is no need to seek elsewhere for the best betting options.


The legalities of gambling in the United States may appear complicated, but their implications for you need not be, especially in regards to the finest offshore gambling sites. Simply put, if a site is located offshore, it does not fall under the jurisdiction of any legitimate or recognized US authority and is therefore unlawful to wager with.


This means that even the finest offshore gambling sites are unsafe for wagering, and doing so could have serious financial repercussions. Rather, if you live in a state where online gambling is legal, you can bet with any one or more of the outstanding legal betting sites available to US players. And of course, we can help you discover the ideal one, so be sure to peruse our numerous other articles and reviews.

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