Neon Rush Splitz Online Slot Rating and reviews

It seems like Yggdrasil has produced another another high-quality slot machine with stunning visuals and gameplay. Players begin the game in a metropolis that is both futuristic and vintage, with gloomy pathways leading to seductive buildings lighted up by neon lights. The visuals are amazing, as they are in the majority of Yggradsil slot games, and there are electronic motorbikes that appear beside the reels at random. These motorcycles are comparable to the ones that can be seen in the movie Tron.

Combining symbols, such as diamonds, luminous triangles, and hexagons, is the objective of the game as it has been from the beginning. The game controls and the symbols both have a neon light that is comparable to the glow of the backdrop, which contributes to the mood that has been so well designed.

There are a lot of intriguing elements in this game, such as the genuinely unusual Yggdrasil Splitz concept, which we will describe in further detail later on in the review; nonetheless, this feature has the potential to convert into five matching symbols, which may lead to some significant winnings.

The lowest possible wager you can put is £0.10 each spin, while the highest possible stake is £40. A very lucky spin with the top slots sites might lead to 25,676 times your bet!

Tutorial on how to play the online slot machine Neon Rush Splitz

As is to be expected in this day and age, the Neon Rush Slot is played on desktop computers, mobile devices (both iOS and Android), and tablet devices. The dazzling visuals are just as striking on each of these different types of platforms. Yggdrasil is especially skilled when it comes to generating outstanding experiences for mobile casino players.

The first thing that players of Neon Rush Splitz will have to do is simply choose a stake to play with, which can range anywhere from £0.10 to £40. After that, it will be time to start looking for rewards! A combination of at least three of the aforementioned symbols anywhere on the game’s five reels is required to win a reward; however, the Splitz concept may lead to lines of up to fifteen matching symbols due to the fact that the symbols can duplicate themselves. If you get fifteen Pink or Green arrows that match, you might win rewards that are up to 5,000 times your original bet! You may access the paytable by selecting the I icon located on the game’s left-hand side and clicking on it.

You can expect to find auto spins as a feature in this game, and if you want to maximize your cash winnings while you wait for many Splitz to come at the same time, this might be a good alternative to consider. This one-of-a-kind game is made even better by the fact that it offers a generous RTP, and the thrilling free spin levels may result in lots of bonuses all the way through.

Free Spins and Other Features Available in Neon Rush Splitz

The Splitz Mechanic, which is exclusive to Yggdrasil and unrivaled in the industry, is without a doubt the most notable aspect of this game. On the reels, these metal symbols are denoted by dollar signs ($), and the positioning of these symbols is of critical significance to the overall outcome of the game.

If a Splitz symbol lands on the reel that is the furthest to the left, it will split into two symbols, one of which will be a random single of any other symbol in the game. If you see the dollar sign on the second reel of the Neon Rush online slot game, it will transform into two identical symbols. If you see the dollar sign on the third reel, it will transform into three identical symbols, and this pattern will continue until the fifth reel splits into five identical symbols.

This dynamic may result in many dollar signs appearing at the same time, which can lead to significant monetary winnings due to the fact that these changes can lead to fifteen combos on a payline (which is equal to 5000 times your bet). They might become wild symbols as well, which would indicate that the payouts are potentially substantial.

Additionally entertaining is the Free Spin level, which has blue and pink Free Spins symbols that, when combined, result in significant prizes such as ten free spins. If you get five of these symbols in a row, you’ll get thirty free games added to your account!

A combination of a spinning blue cube in five or more locations has the potential to result in a win for one of the game’s six non-progressive jackpots, which are also up for grabs in the game. There are six jackpots available, but the Ultimate jackpot is the one that players will daydream about winning since it may result in 25,000 times the amount wagered on the game.

Maximum wins, return to player percentage, and volatility for Neon Rush Splitz.

Playing Neon Rush Splitz has a volatility that ranges from medium to high, but it seems like it’s certainly more on the high side of things.

The very finest online casinos will provide a maximum win of up to 1,027,040 pounds sterling and a default maximum win of 25,676 times the amount you wagered. Hit frequency is at 20.3 percent, while return on investment (RTP) is at 96.3 percent.

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